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Several Simple Rules

  1. No information against the jurisdiction of Tokyo, Japan, where the instance is hosted, shall be posted.
  2. No information that may cause direct harm in the real world to others shall be allowed unless that person has done some form of direct harm in reality to anyone first, and you by posting such information, are seeking relief for the suffered.
  3. No spamming.
  4. Any speech is welcome as long as it does not violate the rules above or make the admin way too unhappy. Otherwise, a free helicopter ride would be offered.
  5. The line would be drawn at the admin's sole discretion. Suggestions with rationality would be welcome while no democracy will be offered here (since it has already been physically removed), so to speak. You are free to leave this instance by transferring your account to another one or even block the instance if you are unhappy with this.
  6. If you do anything that makes me have to write a formal set of instance rules, I will find where you sleep along the internet cable or/and the Wi-Fi signal and send you for a free helicopter ride as mentioned above.