RT Peter St Onge, Ph.D.Inflation isn't just supply disruption, it's central banks putting "the money printers into overdrive": Interview by @dlacalle_IA on central banks doing what they they were born to do: inflate.Daniel Lacalle: Monetary policy causing inflation. mb.ntd.com/expert-monetary-pol
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Minimum wage laws hurt low-skilled, workers. Implementing these laws lead to the growth of big business at small business' expense. | Dakota Hensley mises.org/power-market/these-a
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RT Jeff DeistCovid lockdowns may well match the Iraq War & 2007 bank bailouts for sheer criminality on the part of politicians and bureaucrats.Will any go to jail?Mark Changizi: 🚨"Criminal charges have been filed against Martin Ackermann, the head of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force and “possibly other parties involved”, for deliberately and successfully frightening the population in accordance with Art. 258 of the Criminal Code."
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RT Mises MediaBiden’s tax increase plan does not make sense from a growth, revenue, or deficit perspective, and it does virtually nothing to address the real problem: ballooning spending on programs like Social Security. @DLacalle_IA promocards.byspotify.com/share
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It is no surprise that the corporate media tends to showcase and honor experts whose views tend to reflect the views of media pundits and editors themselves. The idea that the public might prefer other experts leaves these pundits in dismay. | David Gordon mises.org/library/americas-cor
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RT Patrick NewmanMarkets are underestimating inflation. In March they predicted .5% increases for producer and consumer prices--they came in at 1% and .6%. In April they estimated .3% and .2%--but they clocked in at .6% and .8%! Uh Oh!Will the abnormal M2 growth continue in April? Coming soon!
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Social democrats love to denounce low-tax, probusiness regimes as "neoliberal" and as places with more poverty. But the reality is that parts of Europe that embraced markets most reduced poverty while making their citizens richer. | Eben Macdonald mises.org/wire/what-happened-w
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RT Per BylundThose who claim that 's role in and contribution to economic growth, our standard of living, and value creation is overestimated, likely do not know what entrepreneurship is and certainly do not understand markets.
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RT Peter St Onge, Ph.D.Next shoe drops on inflation: banks loosening lending standards.Up to now a lot of the new money was saved. Looks like that's changing now and it's being released into the wild. Might get interesting.
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The deficit for the year is pushing $2 trillion. And we still have five months to go until the end of the fiscal year. Only during WWII were the deficits so huge. Meanwhile, the Fed continues to print money to buy more Federal debt. | @ryanmcmaken mises.org/wire/us-government-t
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RT Per Bylund"In many cases rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city--except for bombing." Assar LindbeckWorld Economic Forum: Why rent controls are no magic bullet for the urban housing crisis wef.ch/3tNTIpdwef.ch/33FmUEh
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.@DrPatrickNewman and @ThoBishop join @JeffDeist to dissect The Betrayal of the American Right , which is both a critical history and a fascinating political memoir of Rothbard's own journey to libertarianism. mises.org/library/rothbard-bet
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Jonathan Newman: I wonder what Ludwig von Mises would say about the "number go up technology" phrase.
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RT Mises MediaLocal nullification offers a practical guide to resisting tyranny in a way that reflects the real wishes of local community members against the ivory-tower mentality of their government “representatives.” promocards.byspotify.com/share
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There is nothing new in a fiat-money central bank imposing an effective tax on the public’s holdings of government debt by manipulating interest rates. But few thought it could go on this long. | Brendan Brown mises.org/wire/theres-no-repri
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Given we live in a world of irresponsible bankers and still immature altcoins, for now bitcoin remains the safest bet for reducing the enormous energy wasted rebuilding our economy every 5 years. | @profstonge (@elonmusk) mises.org/wire/critics-claim-b
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RT Jeff DeistThanks to ⁦@jmarkwalk⁩ for his gift of this diary by Anna Eisenmenger, as mentioned in Fergusson’s “When Money Dies.” A sobering account one one family’s ruination from hyperinflation in Vienna during/following WWI.
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