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In just over 4 hours we will be having a community call, in our discord server. These calls are becoming more enjoyable every time and we would love you all to join us.

We may even have a small mini-announcement for you all. 😉

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Are you a verified Themelio O.G? If so, we’ve got an airdrop in our discord for you to check out. 👀

If you’re not a Themelio O.G... there are still plenty of exciting reasons to come and join the discord:

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1/ 🧵Here's some thoughts on $UST depegging and what this means for stablecoins, including Themelio's native asset $MEL:

(TL;DR: algo stables are fine; undercolleralization is not; MEL is massively OVERcollateralized and run-proof)


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Another picture of A380 MSN001/WWOW and @emirates 272/EVS in Hamburg last week

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