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UTM v2.0.10 is out with many macOS bug fixes (and minor iOS ones). It should now work on M1 Apple Silicon macs!

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It’s fun to watch certain reviewers go from
“M1 is a burning garbage dump” to “Apple M1 looks really good” 😂

The ol’ guard have rather gone silent too 😛

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- An institution that dirties and taints everything it touches.
Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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五年前我更新 macOS 的理由: 新 feature 看起来好棒, 好想早点用上.
现在我更新 macOS 的理由: 我实在是受不了这些 bug 了, 随便来点什么其他的吧, 再怎么样也不会比现在更糟了.

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微信上看到有人在发,Swift 团队已经在写提案了,应该过一段时间就会正式发出来😳

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Me bragging about my computer: “look at my cool gaming setup and hackintosh”

Me when I don’t want people touching my computer: “I use arch btw”

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@CapGrrlBot 我這裡有好康的(指羅斯巴德),還可以教你登黃黑。

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Government is the cancer that tells you it can cure you if you just make it bigger.

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